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We are an experienced and dependable team of Service Management Software Developers to take care of your Service Management Software Development.

We can also change your existing software technologies to web or mobile based system as per your need without losing previous data.

With aim to bring your customers back to you for more business this solution takes care of multi location, multi product, multi service environment.

The importance of After-sales services is supreme in today’s business environment as it has a direct bearing on the quality of the product/service, as perceived by the customer and rightly so. Retaining a current customer is as rewarding as getting a new one, if not more. A satisfied customer not only comes back for more business but also passes on the goodwill, which fetches new customers and helps to build a brand. International firms scouting for partners are very keen on having a detail look at the after-sales service functions of any prospective partner. This department also contributes to the earning of the company through maintenance contracts, spare sales, installation and commissioning contracts, etc.

It has become necessary to keep After-sales operation automized and tuned to meet any eventuality. In doing this the first step is to streamline and integrate this function. We at CallnData has studied this aspect of operations with the help of professionals with extensive domain knowledge in the field. The flow of events has been studied and this forms the backbone of our system. A skeletal system has been developed at our software center, employing the best in the industry.

The main objective of the system is to improve efficiency and bring down cost and, as far as possible, eliminate human error. The system has been developed in ASP, ASP.NET and SQL server with windows-like graphic user interface, web enabled and easy to use. It is multi-location, multi-level system with login at all functional levels, from taking in of the complaints/enquiries, up to billing. This system will reduce manual reports by 80% and allow single point entry. The system reduces the non-productive hours of the field staff by reducing the paper work and provides ready information on client records, machine service records, spare records, billing details etc. It generates various reports to help with Management information system.

Some of the useful reports are:
  • Branch wise activity report
  • City wise report
  • Machine Model wise report
  • Field staff reports
  • Warranty report
  • Maintenance contract report
  • Revenue report
  • Stock report
  • Login-Logout report

Over and above this broad structure any customization can be done to suite the clients specific requirement.

Fast turnaround

With existing developed modules to ready customized, we can customized software as per your need fast. We use Agile method for development and within few weeks you can use some part of actual software. With continues discussion on each completed module and modules to be developed, we deliver system as per your exact requirement.

Major part of our Service Management Software Development work include:
  • Custom Service Management Software development
  • Application re-engineering and re-factoring
  • Creation of distribution packages with application installation
  • Web based Business Application Development
  • Integrated Business Mobile app with Service Management Software
  • Integration with other systems SAP / IBM (Lotus) Notes / Hardware System or any other system
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