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Types of processes
  • Embedded processes: processes that are integrated in SAP applications
  • Unbounded processes: cross-application or cross-component processes

Embedded Processes Embedded processes automate business processes within SAP applications. These business processes may be simple release or approval procedures, or more complex business processes such as creating a material master and coordinating the departments involved.

You can define your own embedded processes for business processes that are not yet covered by SAP applications. To do this you define the relevant workflows in SAP Business Workflow. A workflow is an executable embedded process. SAP ships workflow templates that you can adapt and enhance to suit your needs.

Areas of Use:

You typically use workflows for the following types of business processes:

Work processes that are run repeatedly in the same way

Work processes that involve multiple agents with specific roles in a specific sequence Processes that react to errors and exception situations in other business processes


When a workflow is executed, the system creates work items. These represent either tasks that a user executes or tasks that are executed in the background by the system.

To enable the system to determine the correct users to process work items, you define the enterprise-specific organizational plan and rules for agent determination.

A workflow processes objects. An object is an individual record of an object type. An example of an object type is Material. The Business Object Repository provides an overview of all the object types in the SAP system. You can use or extend the existing object types as well as create new object types.