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We can also change your existing software technologies to web or mobile based system as per your need without losing previous data.

CallnData offers full range of Sales Force Automation Software development services using the latest technology with a suitable designed interface to suit your company image and deliver the Sales Force Automation Software solutions.

It is an accepted fact that a Marketing Plan forms the base for the Business Plan of an organization, and marketing operation is to be looked at from this perspective. It’s role and responsibility in an organization’s success is above others. For proper planning and implementation it is imperative to have a good monitoring system which along with overseeing planed operations will devise plan deviations and correction necessitated by changing ground situation. To function effectively an object oriented and streamlined system should be in place, which allows collection, recording, manipulation and distribution of information.

The Sales Automation Solution, developed by us with the active participation of experts, in the field envisages the effective automation of the sales function. This solution covers the daily activities of the sales team with an efficient monitoring system for Sales administration to assign targets and evaluate their activities. The tools function through different levels of hierarchy in the organization to guide and direct its sales function.

Fast turnaround

With existing developed modules to ready customized, we can customized software as per your need fast. We use Agile method for development and within few weeks you can use some part of actual software. With continues discussion on each completed module and modules to be developed, we deliver system as per your exact requirement.

It has the following working levels and links:
  • Sales staff Login - Task Management, Activity Management, Quotations, Target achievement analysis, etc.
  • Sales Management Login - Financial Targets, Activity Targets, Payment data, etc.
  • Sales Administration Login - User Management, Profile Management, etc.
  • Management Login - Task Management, Reports Targeted result, Performance etc.

Over and above this broad structure any customization can be done to suite the clients specific requirement. Some of the major features of software can be checked below.

Main Features

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